About Warm Hugs


We never imagined 25 years ago that Warm Hugs would grow into the beautiful place that it is today.  We never even envisioned ourselves having a store front as we set up and tore down craft show booths for 15 years!  A store named Warm Hugs?  Would people find us?  What is Warm Hugs…really 😉 

We just put one foot in front of the other and listened to our “insides”…some call it a gut feeling…a knowing…and then we made a quality decision to listen to that voice and act!  For the most part, that voice inside has never led us to harm…maybe to a lot of work, but we do know how to work!  We have seen the evolution of this Warm Hugs as a store and we continue to be in awe of how it has developed.  We do our best to disregard fear and trust the small still voice inside us.  

All this to say, stay tuned!  We look forward to the changes and new ideas as much as our customers do.

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