A Letter From Suzanne

A Letter From Suzanne

Well, this is what we have all been waiting for—a website where my oldest customers who listened to my descriptions over the telephone and (in good faith) ordered anyway! And still do!!! Now you have photos—will it still seem like Christmas when you open your box of Warm Hugs this year?

As always, this new season brings all new packaging-—still whimsical, amusing and downright practical (as well as delicious).

I am excited to share my new line with you this year. And, while I am working on this season’s items, I am processing next years ideas (lots of thinking time as I fill bags and tie bows!) I have absolute confidence you will love your purchase and, best of all, be excited about giving it!

I send an incredibly huge and, of course, Warm Hugs to all of my past repeat customers/friends. I am truly grateful for your continual business. You have encouraged me in so many ways and I say thank you from the top to the bottom of my heart. Without you…wow, my heart is full.

Here’s a hug!


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