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A Letter From Suzanne

Well, this is what we have all been waiting for—a website where my oldest customers who listened to my descriptions over the telephone and, in good faith, ordered anyway! And still do!!! Now you have photos—will it still seem like Christmas when you open your box of Warm Hugs this year? As always, this new season brings all new packaging—still whimsical, amusing and downright practical as well as delicious. I am excited to share .

Recipes and Crockpot Conversions

Of course, everyone has their ideas, please feel free to improvise for your family! We have so many great suggestions for crockpot!  The following are a few simple to do’s…. For all of the soup mixes with beans… soak beans overnight.  Rinse beans and place in crockpot with all other ingredients and put on low all day. Other suggestions: For Taco Soup Soak dried beans overnight. Dump the water and rinse the beans and .